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Module Ratings

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Rating system


Ratings allow you to judge the quality of modules. If other users have ranked the module then its average rating is displayed below. Ratings are calculated on a scale from one star (Poor) to five stars (Excellent). Ratings are located in the Content Actions box at the top left-hand corner of the module.

The Ratings system for modules
Image of the left sidebar with Ratings highlighted

How to Rate a Module

You must be logged into the site in order to rate modules. Move the mouse cursor over the star that corresponds to the rating you wish to assign. If you are logged in, your cursor will change to reflect that the star is a link (rather than an image). Click on the star to add your rating. You rating should be based on the quality of the content.

Click on the star that corresponds to your rating of the module
Image of the user's mouse hovering over the Ratings system

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