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Frequently Asked Questions about EPUB files

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1. How do I load an EPUB on my device?

See EPUB help page.

2. Why is some of the content not displaying in the EPUB file?

Epub files should be considered a secondary resource for any collection or module. This is because of the limitations of readers of the EPUB standard. See the list of limitations.

3. How do I use/read EPUB files?

See EPUB help page.

4. Why are the EPUB files so slow in iBooks on my iPod Touch?

This seems to be caused by iBooks loading the entire book into memory when it is opened. Some textbooks have a large number of images (most complicated math is converted into an image for EPUB files) which can also slow down the loading process. If iBooks is too slow for your EPUB, try using Stanza on your iPod Touch. It does not load the complete book into memory and allows for quicker start times. The downside of using Stanza is that most of the links in the EPUB files will not work.

5. Why are the EPUB files downloading with a .txt extension on my Mac?

We've had some reports of Mac users having the files download with a .txt extension which prevents them from being loaded into iTunes. There are 2 possible solutions:

  • Command-click on the EPUB file in Safari and choose the "Save As..." option. This should keep the .epub extension. If not, you can edit the extension in the File dialog window that opens.
  • Download the EPUB files with a .txt extension. In Finder, click twice on the file name and change the extension from .txt to .epub.

6. Can I read EPUB files on my Kindle?

Kindle does not natively read EPUB files. However, EPUB files can be converted into .mobi files which can be read by a Kindle. Do an internet search for "convert EPUB to mobi" to find conversion software that can be run on a PC or from the web.

7. Why are question marks (?) displayed in equations?

Some e-ink readers, such as the Nook, lack the fonts needed to display some of the math in our EPUBs. This results in question marks (?) being inserted where the math cannot be displayed. There is no known work around beyond contacting the Ebook reader manufacturer and suggesting they add fonts for math to their software.

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