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Importing modules with SWORD

If you have imported a document from another site using the SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) API, you may want to make some adjustments to the authors on the module before publishing it.

  • If you are the lone author and copyright holder of the original publication, and you have imported the document yourself, you should not have to make any adjustments to the module's roles.
  • If the document had other creators (authors, copyright holders, editors, etc.), some more work will be required in order for those creators to receive proper attribution on the module.

Adding creators from the imported document

When the document is imported, whoever does the import will be listed as the Author, Maintainer, and Copyright Holder, but you can change those roles and add other collaborators.

The "Roles" tab shows the authors and copyright holders currently on the module. It can also show editors and translators. (More about each role.)

Creators from the originally imported document: When you import using SWORD, you will see a note that shows all the creators that were listed with the imported document.

In this example, George Washington is the user who imported the document, which is why, of the three creators found in the original document, he is already listed as holding roles.

Step 1. Search for creators to add

To add any creators that are not already listed as authors on the module, you search for their account and then add them in the desired roles. If the other creators do not have accounts, they will first need to create an account.

As a convenience, you will find links that provide search results for each of the creators' names found in the imported document.

Step 2. Select people to add and assign the proper roles

Once you find the correct account in the search results, select the appropriate roles for that person and then click the "Add People" button.

Any added person's name should now appear properly attributed under the "Current Collaborators" section. Note that George Washington is absent from the search results because he already has a role on this module (and there are no other users in the system who share his name).

Step 3. Accept Role Requests

Any people added to the module will need to log in and approve the role request before the module can be published.

Additional Information

For additional information, please see the complete instructions for adding authoring roles to modules and collections.

Note: The note listing creators from the originally imported document will remain on the "Roles" tab until you publish the module. You may use it to compare with the "Current Roles" until they match. Once the module is published, the note will no longer appear, whether or not all creators were added to the module roles.

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