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Brand a Lens

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Connexions Consortium members can have their logo and branding banner appear on their lenses and on content in their lenses that visitors view. To see an example of a branded lens, click here.

Your account must have branding enabled before you begin. Please send email to if the branding options below do not appear on your lenses.

Here are the basic steps to brand your a lens.

1. Edit Your Lens Properties

You can either add branding to the lens when you create it, or later by editing the lens and selecting the "Edit lens properties" tab.

2. Choose a logo and brand color to appear.

Scroll down the page until you get to the "Lens Branding" section.

  1. Choose "Place a branding banner on pages in my lens."

  2. Add your logo and choose a branding color.

3. Visit your lens and items in the lens to see the branding.

  1. Readers must first visit your lens.

  2. Then visit any content in your lens and it will also have the logo and branding banner.

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