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My Favorites

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You are now allowed to mark favorite content by adding it to your "My Favorites" lens. My Favorites is similar to other lenses in that you can add modules and collections to a list of preferred content along with descriptive tags and comments; however, instead allowing you to publicly endorse this content, My Favorites allows you to keep a private list of your favorite materials for future reference. Also, once you've saved a collection to My Favorites, you can also take advantage of the "Start from where I last left off" feature to save your place and pick up later where you stopped reading.

Step 1: Create an Account and Log In

In order to take advantage of the My Favorites feature, you will first need to create a member account and log in. Accounts are free and allow you to not only keep track of your favorites but also to create and customize modules, collections, and lenses.

Step 2: Add Content to My Favorites

Once logged in, you can begin adding content to My Favorites. To do so, first navigate to the module or collection you'd like to add and locate the "Content Actions" box on the left-hand side of the page. Click "Add to..." to expand the list of options and click on the "My Favorites" link.

If you have browsed to a module in the context of a collection, you will have the option of adding either the module, the collection, or both to your My Favorites list. In this case, the Content Actions box will have "My Favorites" links for both the module and the collection (circled in red below in Figure 1).

Figure 1: Content Actions box for module viewed in a collection with "My Favorites" link (circled in red).

Clicking the "My Favorites" link will bring up a pop-up window as shown in Figure 2. From this window you can provide an optional set of one-word descriptive tags and any comments you wish to add to your bookmark for future reference. Once finished, click the "Add to My Favorites" button.

Figure 2: Popup window for adding a module to My Favorites.

Once you've successfully added a module or collection to My Favorites, you'll see the My Favorites in the "Lenses" box on the left-hand side of the screen whenever you view that content online (see My Favorites lens circled in red in Figure 3).

Figure 3: My Favorites lens listed in the "Lenses" box on the left-hand side of the module or collection.

Step 3: Access My Favorites

You can access My Favorites anytime by clicking on the "MyRhaptos" tab at the top of your browser after you log in. Under the "Access your Lenses" heading, click on the "My Favorites" link (circled in red in Figure 4 below). You can also access My Favorites from a module or collection you have bookmarked by using the "My Favorites" link in the "Lenses" box as shown in Figure 3 above.

Figure 4: The "Access your Lenses" heading under the "MyRhaptos" tab with the "My Favorites (edit)" links (circled in red).

Clicking on the "My Favorites" link will display a list of all the modules and collections you have added to My Favorites, as shown in Figure 5 below. You can use this interface to manage your bookmarks by adding or changing tags and descriptions or by removing unwanted content.

Figure 5: The My Favorites content menu.

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