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Using the <table> tag


The table tag marks beginning of a table. CNXML uses the CALS Table Model for including tables in CNXML documents. For a more complete description of the CALS Table consult the CALS Table Model Spec.



<table id="report_card" summary="The first column 
    lists each course. Each row in the second column 
    delineates a semester. The corresponding row in
    the third column shows that semester's grade.  
    The footer tallies the student's average.">
  <title>Report card</title>
  <tgroup cols="3">
    <colspec colnum="1" colname="c1" />
    <colspec colnum="2" colname="c2" />
    <colspec colnum="3" colname="c3" />
        <entry namest="c1" nameend="c2">
        <entry morerows="1">Biology</entry>
        <entry morerows="1">English</entry>

Results in this display:

Table 1: Report card
Course Semester Grade
Biology 1 86%
2 91%
English 1 87%
2 78%
Average: 85.5%

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label (one, optional), title (one, optional), tgroup (one or more, required), caption (one, optional)

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content, section, preformat, para, quote, footnote, note, item, figure, subfigure, example, problem, solution, commentary, meaning, statement, proof, entry
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