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Using the <caption> tag


The caption tag is only used to provide a caption for a figure, subfigure, or a table. You can enter a somewhat lengthy description of the figure with the caption tag. In contrast, using the title tag you can enter only a brief title or label that appears above a figure.



<figure id="fig1">
  <media id="dog-pic" alt="A dog sitting on a bed">
    <image mime-type="image/jpeg" src="image1.jpg"/>
    This dog is sitting, unlike some dogs.

Results in this display:

Figure 1: This dog is sitting, unlike some dogs.
A dog sitting on a bed

Attributes(what's this?)

Children(what's this?)

term, cite, cite-title, foreign, emphasis, sub, sup, code, preformat, quote, note, list, media, footnote, link, newline, space, Unicode text

Parents(what's this?)

figure, subfigure, table, code
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