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The search text you enter is treated as a space separated list of search terms. Terms may be grouped by enclosing them in double quotes ("). Terms are ANDed together.

Search terms match the following fields:
  • exact module or collection ID (m0000, col10040)
  • title
  • author, translator
  • institution (for collections only)
  • subject
  • keyword
  • editor, maintainer, licensor
  • summary
  • full text
Other tips:
  • Very common words (the, and, of, etc.), single letters, isolated punctuation, and terms that don't match anything in the repository (zzyyxx, asdfqwerty, etc.) will be dropped from the search.
  • All remaining terms are matched -- it's an "AND" search, not an "OR" search.
  • You may group terms with double quotes.
  • The Title and Author options restrict the search terms to matching in the Title and/or Author fields.
  • The Collections option limits the search to Collections, excluding Modules from the results.
  • The Subject option limits the search to the selected Subject, regardless of the search term.
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